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Transitions Pop-Up Poster Fair Submissions


The Child Health Hub in Transition to Adult Healthcare Poster Fair provides opportunity to illustrate the richness of activity in many innovative areas from regional, national, and international perspectives. We encourage submissions from both clinical, research and family/youth participants.

Posters will be judged (more information to come) and awards will be handed out for best poster in the category of fostering collaboration, leading change/advocacy and engagement/youth empowerment. Award winners will showcase their work in a rapid fire presentation (10 mins) on December 2, 2023.


The Poster Fair will feature two categories and authors will be asked to submit their abstract in one of the following:

  1. Scientific Posters: This category is reserved for posters presenting completed projects/initiatives, with realized outcomes. Posters in this category should be able to demonstrate rigorous scientific methodology and significant results. Also, conclusions drawn must be supported by the evidence presented.
  2. Quality Improvement Posters: This category is reserved for QI projects that use improvement methodology. Posters should be able to tell a story leading to sustained changes that make a difference in service/program delivery or at a system level.


The posters will also be uploaded and available to view on the virtual conference platform. Poster images and an audio clip may be included on the virtual conference platform.

Submission Instructions

  • Abstracts have a maximum of 3000 characters, not including the title and authors.
  • Authorization of abstract publication will be required if the abstract is accepted.
  • The following information must be provided:
    • Name and email address of the person submitting the abstract. This person will be the contact for this submission and will receive any applicable information regarding acceptance, and presentation details.
    • Name and email address of the Poster Presenter(s).
    • Name of the affiliation, city and country for all authors.
    • If you wish to be considered for a best poster award. Award winners will be asked to give a 10 min rapid fire presentation.
  • Abstracts should be formatted with the following headings:
    • Background/Objectives: Provide a brief introductory statement and objectives.
    • Description: Provide a description of the information to be presented.
    • Significance: Explain the significance or importance of the information being presented, highlighting novel and innovative aspects.

Some things to consider as you submit your abstract:

  • Why would your submission be of interest and relevance to conference delegates?
  • Present from a lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Once in the Abstract Submission section, follow the instructions and provide the required information on authors, affiliations, theme, title, and body of the abstract. Once the abstract has been submitted an automated confirmation email from the submission system will be sent.

You may edit your abstract at any time prior to the submission deadline of May 26, 2023. If you are unable to access the online submission system or have any questions regarding the submission process, please contact

Conference Registration
Please note that, if a poster is accepted, one individual must register for and attend the conference to support that poster during any poster-related activities. The Child Health Hub in Transition to Adult Healthcare will only accept one poster per delegate, and a delegate may NOT attend to multiple posters simultaneously. Upon confirmation of acceptance of the poster, the contact person identified on the poster submission will be asked to confirm who will be registering for the Conference to attend to that poster.

Event Date

Pre-Conference Transitions Pop-Up:
Dec. 2-3, 2023

Main Conference:
Dec. 3-5, 2023

Conference Co-Hosts

For more information