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System Notification

  • Registration has closed.

I’m sure it will come as no surprise that CAMAP’s 4th annual national conference on medical assistance in dying, MAID2020, is officially cancelled.

It is with great regret that I make this announcement, but the health and safety of our community during the global pandemic of Covid-19 is paramount. I know we will all miss the opportunity to gather and connect in person, but please know that CAMAP remains committed to ongoing educational and networking opportunities.

I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of our hosts Dr. Madeline Li and Dr. Gary Rodin of UHN, and on behalf of the entire CAMAP Board to thank you for your enthusiasm for our conference, for your ongoing contributions to the CAMAP community as a whole, and for your dedicated care and support of the Canadian public that are seeking MAID in these challenging times.

I also wish to thank the sponsors of MAID2020 for their ongoing support of our growing community with a grateful nod to Dying With Dignity Canada who have agreed to donate their financial support of this year’s event, regardless of its cancellation. This will be of significant help as we attempt to mitigate some of the costs that were necessarily incurred.

As for your registration fees, we are offering 2 options:

  1. Choose to leave your registration fee with CAMAP as a donation (we are unable to provide charitable receipts)
  2. Receive a refund of your registration fees minus a $50 administration fee

Please indicate your preference to:

Some of you may have also planned to attend the pre or post conference programs. A full refund is available for these as well. If we are able to host a virtual program instead, at no cost, we will be in contact. More specifically, please note the following details:

  1. The Research Day is going ahead as planned, on April 30th, but in a virtual format. Please stay tuned for further details about exact timing and links. If anyone not already registered to attend wishes to join this virtual event, please contact Dr. Ellen Wiebe directly via
  2. There is ongoing discussion about a virtual session for the Care Coordinators. Those already registered will be contacted separately with further details about this opportunity.
  3. The “Providing MAID workshop” will be re-vamped as a virtual workshop to allow for interaction. Details about this opportunity will also be sent in separately to those who have already registered.

At this time, there is no plan to run a virtual conference to replace our main program. We are, however, investigating a number of options to offer updates, educational experiences and opportunities for exchange on the ongoing and important developments in MAiD in Canada. We will certainly be in touch as these ideas develop and appreciate your patience and understanding. For any general questions about these virtual programs please contact

Right now, many of us are being called upon in a variety of important ways to react to an unprecedented global pandemic. I urge you all to stay safe, stay rested, and stay connected.

Stefanie Green
President CAMAP

Returning Registrant
Returning Registrant

Upcoming Events

Pre-Conference Date
Thursday April 30, 2020

Main Conference
Friday May 1 &
Saturday May 2, 2020

Sheraton Centre Toronto
123 Queen Street West,
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2M9

Post-Conference Date
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Information & Assistance

Conference Services
416-597-3422 ex 3448

We do not issue letters of invitation to international delegates. Administrative fees will apply to cancelled registrations. We encourage you to finalize travel prior to registering.