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Zoom Events

CAB VIII Conference Join Link: 
Event ID: euBDu4pXRT6od2-jF4SNCA

The difference between “Zoom” and “Zoom Events” is the same as the difference between a single meeting and a full conference. “Zoom Events” refers to a specific Zoom offering. It is a platform designed to tie together into one website interface: webinars, meetings, breakout conference sessions, poster and sponsor exhibits. Attendees can chat with individuals or groups in dedicated virtual spaces, and a single virtual booth can host multiple discussions.

Conference participants (attendees, speakers, moderators, exhibitors) will join the event with one link, provided above. They will land in a virtual lobby and navigate to sessions from there.  You must be a conference registrant to join. 

The Lobby for the event shows the conference information at a glance with featured and upcoming sessions at the bottom, the Lobby Chat on the right, and the different conference areas/features on the top right menu bar.

This is where you’ll be able to enter the presentations. When the session starts, a “join” button will appear and you will be able to enter the Zoom Meeting.

In the Sessions area, you'll be able to bookmark sessions. These bookmarked sessions will show in your Itinerary tab as a shortlist so you can easily go to the sessions you are interested in.

The Sponsors tab lists the companies, organizations and institutions that have supported this conference. Here, you'll be able to view information about the sponsor and download/view any content they may have uploaded for attendees.

The Exhibits area is where you'll find the Poster, Partner and Sponsor booths. Inside the Exhibits area, you can enter booths and find content such as downloadable PDF brochures, short videos and/or images. You are also able to chat live with a representative by clicking on a button to join their Zoom meeting room found inside the booth.

This is where you’ll find a list of our speakers and the sessions that they are presenting.

CAB Quest
This year the CAB VIII Social Sub Committee has coordinated an exciting CAB Quest! This engagement activity is an opportunity for you to learn more about CAB presentations, speakers, and sponsors. 

By completing CAB Quest you have a chance to win one of our sponsored prizes! Complete the CAB Quest questionnaire at (to be provided in the Final Conference Program) using answers found in the Partner and Sponsor booths. During the conference, you can visit the booths by clicking on Exhibits at the top right of the lobby window.

Submissions for the CAB Quest will be accepted until 12:30 pm on the last day of the conference: Thursday May 18, 2023. Submissions with all the correct answers will be entered into a random draw for a prize during the closing remarks at 4:30pm EDT. Only registered conference delegates are eligible for prizes. Winners will be placed in touch with the Partner/Sponsor to arrange delivery of the prize.


Event Date & Time

May 15, 2023 (pre-conference)
May 16 – 18, 2023 (virtual conference)

**All times and dates stated on this website are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)**

Event Location

Virtual, Zoom Events
Restricted to registered guests

Information & Assistance

Conference Services