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When this page is set up, you will be able to click on the linked icons next to each e-poster in the table below to view the PDF of the poster.

Participants can engage with poster presenters in two ways:

  1. During the conference, each poster will be assigned a virtual ‘booth’ where conference attendees will be able to enter and chat with poster presenters. These assigned times are as follows (all times stated are in Eastern Time, EDT):

    Day 1, Tuesday May 16: 12:15 – 13:15 Eastern (60 min)
    Day 2, Wednesday May 17: 11:30 – 12:00 Eastern (30 min)
    Day 3, Thursday May 18: 11:30 – 12:00 Eastern (30 min)
  2. Leave comments or questions below. Click on the icon in the comments column for each poster. Poster presenters will be asked to check this webpage periodically to respond to questions. You can find the response by clicking on the comments icon to open the question window and then click “replies” below your comment to view the poster presenter’s reply.

    PDF Comments # Title of Poster Authors
    1 A scoping review on patient roles on interprofessional teams Kateryna Metersky, Carole Orchard
    2 Interdisciplinary oncology education among post-graduate trainees: A systematic review Houman Tahmasebi, Christine Lam, Idil Bilgen, Zachary Freeman, Marina Englesakis, Gary Ko, Tulin D. Cil
    3 Stronger Together: Learner Reactions on a Team-based, Interprofessional First Death Simulation Experience Leah Burt, Christine Park
    4 Implementing a Free Interprofessional Diabetes Education Clinic in an Urban Setting Priya Sharma
    5 Interprofessional Ethical Simulation and Debriefing to Develop Team Trust and Confidence Kimberley Begley, Amy Haddad, Ann Ryan Haddad
    6 Nutrition Services at an Interprofessional Student-Run Clinic Ambria Crusan, Megan Baumler
    7 An Online Escape Room used to Support the Growth of Teamwork in Health Professions Students Allison Hursman, Lisa Richter, Jeanne Frenzel, Joni Viets, Elizabeth Monson
    8 Using Interprofessional Education as a Tool for Understanding Roles and Responsibilities of Radiation Therapist and Physical Therapist in the Care of Patients with Breast Cancer Leslie Smith, Julie Hollenbeck
    9 Metacognition of Interprofessional Education: Critical Discourse Analysis of an Interprofessional Healthcare Simulation Rayan Salih, Kaleia Collins, Tamzin Batteson, Sarah Garber, Imohimi Eboweme, Daniel Bassler, Susan Smock, Zaria Price
    10 Creating Connections: A Qualitative Exploration of Graduate Students' Experiences with a Pilot Arts-based Program Sandra Houle
    11 Understanding how exemplary leaders foster effective teamwork in high stakes environments of the emergency department (ED) Matthew Hacker Teper, Csilla Kalocsai, Lowyl Notario, Nicole Kester-Greene
    12 L'intégration du Campus Outaouais dans le programme d'éducation interprofessionnelle de la Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé de l'Université McGill Shaun Cleaver, André Bilodeau, Cynthia Perlman, Andréanne Brousseau, Margaret Purden, Eleanor Elstein
    13 Effet de simulations interprofessionnelles sur l'anxiété auto-rapportée de futurs professionnels à collaborer en équipe interprofessionnelle et à faire l'offre active des services en français Raphaëlle Laroche-Nantel, Yasmine Sehabi, Jacinthe Savard, Cris-Carelle Kengneson, Josée Benoît, Isabelle Giroux
    14 Managing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: An Interprofessional Approach Kelly Chau
    15 Social justice and health equity in the teaching & learning environment: Shared perspectives of academic leaders in health professional education programs Laura MacDonald, Moni Fricke, Benita Cohen, Debra Beach Ducharme, Alan Katz, Donna Martin, Christen Rachul, Gayle Restall, Dana Turcotte
    16Rapid review on anti-racism pedagogy and interprofessional educationRapid review on anti-racism pedagogy and interprofessional education

    Moni Fricke, Jess Crawford, Stefon Irving, Suzie Lalopulou, Janice Linton, Laura MacDonald

    17 Exploring the effectiveness of narrative peer feedback in interprofessional student teams Kelly Lockeman, Janet Atere, Kaylin Loch, Camryn Molnar, Genevieve Beaird, Abigale Matulewicz
    18 Environmental scan of IPE programs in Canadian post-secondary institutions Justin Phung, Sarah Curtay, Lisa Mochrie, Jenn Salfi, Sylvia Langlois, Susan Robinson, Brenna Beard, Saif Alam, Teri-Lynn Christie, Megan Odd, Ruheena Sangrar, Kelsey Harvey
    19 An Examination of Social Work Involvement in Pain Curriculum Symposium - An Interprofessional Education Initiative Peter Sheffield, Andie MacNeil, Rachelle Ashcroft, Keith Adamson, David Burnes, Nivetha Prabaharan
    20 CIHC-CPIS Situational analysis of IPE in Canada: Robust but fragile Marie Andree (Maggie) Girard, John H.V. Gilbert, Ruby Grymonpre, Kelly A. Lackie, Sylvie Langlois
    21 Preceptor Experience with Interprofessional Practice and Education in Pharmacy Angela Stewart, Damianne Brand-Eubanks, Pascual Garcia-Garcia
    22 Partnering with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A pilot interprofessional service-learning program for healthcare students Sarah Ailey, Jan Odiaga, Amelia Bucek, Stephanie Sluzinski, Steven Taylor
    23 Building trust within a team: empowering students to deal with gossiping and racial discrimination Caroline Bois, Karine Philibert
    24 Meaningful Engagement of Patients and Students through Interprofessional Continuing Education and Professional Development Angela Willson, Jennifer Kertz, Christine Arenson, Barbara Brandt
    25 Interprofessional Health Sciences Faculty and Student Co-development of a Facilitated Online Interprofessional Education Activity using Video Simulations Aleksandra Bjelajac Mejia, Jaimie Coleman, Della Croteau, Sharona Kanofsky, Sylvia Langlois, Heather Thomson
    27 Integrating Interprofessional Experiential Learning into Health Professions Education: Fostering the Development of Master Adaptive Learners Amy Crocker, Susan Smith, Matt Valdes, Erika Alaniz, Monica Ramirez
    28 Promoting Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice: Role of the Professional Association Loretta Nunez, Catherine Grus, Neil Harvison
    29 Developing an Interprofessional Education Experience: Occupational Therapy and Dietetics Teresa Wickboldt, Ambria Crusan
    30 Impact of COVID-19 on Interprofessional Collaboration: Perspectives from Physical and Occupational Therapists Working in Acute Care Emily Scroggs, Benjamin McNulty, Amy Yorke, Leslie Smith
    32 Putting Values and Ethics on the Front Page: An Interprofessional Activity on Current News Stories in Substance Use Disorder Alice Scaletta, Carlos Moreno, Diane Quinn
    33 Building Hope and Trust through Interprofessional Education in Disaster Management Heather Boynton, Amanda O'Rae, Stephanie Zettel
    34 Nursing and Athletic Training Students Collaborate on Patient Assessment in a Simulated Clinic Setting Briyana Morrell, Jessica E. Jochum
    35 Le statut et les résultats de la formation interprofessionnelle dans le domaine de la santé en Afrique Sub-Saharienne : Une revue systématique Gatera Fiston Kitema
    36 The impact of course design, gender, and academic level on student responses to an introductory IPE experience Chamipa Phanudulkitti, Debra Mattison, Vinoothna Bavireddy, Melissa Gross
    37 Learning to Care, Caring to Learn: A Multi-Disciplinary Initiative to Provide Healthcare to the Homeless Gina Baugh, Brad Phillips, Jacob Greenfield, Katie Smalley
    39 Implementing a Telehealth Simulation for Dental and Pharmacy Learners Across Two Universities Laura Romito, David Zahl, Trish Devine, Deborah Zeitlin
    40 Addressing Barriers to Interprofessional Education Through the use of a Virtual Interprofessional Collaboration Mirco-Credential Program Kathleen Gamble, Pam Calverley, Brenda Gamble


Event Date & Time

May 15, 2023 (pre-conference)
May 16 – 18, 2023 (virtual conference)

**All times and dates stated on this website are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)**

Event Location

Virtual, Zoom Events
Restricted to registered guests

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