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Program Agenda

Detailed Program (PDF)

Click on the presentation titles below to access the video recordings of the sessions.  Only registered attendees will have access.  Click here for more detailed instructions.

Time Program Title
08:00 Virtual Platform Opens for Self-Orientation
08:30 Welcoming Remarks
08:45 Advances in the Diagnosis and Management of Concussion
Grant Iverson, PhD
09:30 Clinical Pearls in the Assessment and Management of the Patient with Headaches Following a Traumatic Brain Injury
Jonathan P. Gladstone, MD FRCPC
10:15 Morning Break, Poster and Sponsor Exhibit Viewing
10:45 Workshop #1: Sleep and mTBI: Advances in Clinical Research and Practice
Catherine Wiseman-Hakes, PhD., Reg. CASLPO

Workshop #2: Dizziness in Head Injury: Management Options and What Big Data Demonstrates from the UHN WSIB Head Injury Data Base
John Rutka, MD FRCSC

Workshop #3: Process, Merits and Challenges of Delivering Telerehabilitation Services to the TBI Population
Brenda Colella, MA, C. Psych. Assoc

Workshop #4: Challenges in Proving the Mild TBI Claim
Gary Will
11:45 Networking Lunch Break, Poster and Sponsor Exhibit Viewing
12:45 Imaging Concussion
David Mikulis, MD
13:30 Rapid Podium Presentations: Five presentations, taken from the Call for Abstracts, will have five minutes each to present. A group Q & A with the audience will be held at the end, time permitting.

The Role of the Occupational Therapist on Catastrophic Criterion 6: Assisting Physicians in Determining a Whole Person Impairment (WPI) for Clients with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and/or Post-Concussion Syndrome
Daniel Leece, MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.), CCLCP, Galit Liffshiz, MA OT Reg. (Ont.) CCLCP, GLA Rehab

Evaluating Demographic and Concussion-Related Factors that Contribute to Pharmacological Treatment Efficacy of Persistent Post-Concussion Headache
Dina Safarini, HBSc, MSc

The effect of cognitive challenges on spatiotemporal measures of gait in community-dwelling adults with concussion
Hajr Hameed, BSc

Personalized Regional and Symmetry Assessment of Normalized Spatial Coefficient of Variance (sCoV), Based on Cerebral Blood Flow, in Retired Canadian Football League Players
Ethan Danielli, BSc, MSc

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to Detect Structural and Functional Damage in the Cerebellum of patients with a history of mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)
Nicholas Simard, B.Eng., M.
14:00 Afternoon Break, Poster and Sponsor Exhibit Viewing
14:15 Helping Patients with Post-Concussion Syndrome Move Forward – An Interactive case-based journey
Chantal Vaidyanath, MD, FRCPC, CSCN Dip (EMG)
15:00 Closing Remarks
Returning Registrant

Conference Date

Friday February 11, 2022

**All times and dates stated on this website are in Eastern Standard Time (EST, Toronto, Canada)**

Conference Location

Remo Interactive Virtual Conference Platform

Registration Rates

Virtual Registration $150


Conference Services

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