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Poster Viewing: Click on the PDF or Video icons next to each abstract below to review the poster presentation.

Questions for Presenters: Click on the comment icon next to each abstract below to leave questions or comments for the poster presenters.  Poster presenters will leave replies to questions on this page.

Best Poster Award: To vote for your favorite poster, visit The poster that receives the most votes by 2:15pm on the day of the conference (Friday February 11, 2022) will win the Best Poster Award! The winner will be announced during the closing remarks and they will be awarded a $100 E-Gift Card and Certificate which will be sent via email after the event.

PDF Video Comments # Abstract Title Primary Author(s) Additional Authors
1 MAP - Metrics Activation Program - Functional Restoration for Adults with TBI Tracey Kibble
2 Evaluation of the virtual implementation of a community-based support program for people with acquired brain injury since the COVID-19 pandemic Kimberly Turner
3 STEPS: An innovative rehabilitation approach to individual and group services for the community reintegration of mild to moderate brain injury survivors. Nesrine Awad Shimoon A. Helem, A. Mazpolis, N. Belanger, S. Jessup, P. McNamara
4 Digital Healthcare Management Tools for Caregivers and Persons with Brain Injuries Brenda Agnew K. Dickinson
5 Brain Injury Rehabilitation: Improving the patient and family discharge experience. Jennifer Renaud S. Pearce, L. Rees, N. McCormick, P. Moir
6 Bioinformatic Analysis of Genetic Changes Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Mahnaz Tajik E. Danielli, M. Fahnestock, M.D. Noseworthy
7 "Family Medicine Training on Concussion: A Systematic Review." Alice Kam A. Melkuev, D. Richardson, A. Hussain, A. Summers
8 The Optometric Management of Concussion Anne Marie Yeboah K. Dalton, E. Irving
9 Clinical Utility of SPECT Neuroimaging in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury: An Updated Systematic Review Michael Hanna H. Ly, J. Herman, B. Zawada, C. Andraos, S. D'Souza
10 Determining the best practices in concussion management for Paralympic athletes with vision impairment: a Delphi study Juliette Teodoro K. Dalton, E. Irving
11 Complicated versus Uncomplicated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Scoping Review Olivia Scott, Tanvi Sanghvi C. Tator
12 Analysis of Patients with Persisting Concussion Symptoms Caused by Motor Vehicle Crashes with Respect to Vehicle Safety Systems 2000-2020. Charles Tator E. Prentice, M. Khodadadi, U. Muhammad, B. Elkin
13 Accessibility of online resources for associations providing services to people with brain injuries Nolwenn Lapierre O. Piquer, E Celikovic, J. Ruel, M-E. Lamontagne
14 The Dynamics of a Therapeutic Dance/Movement Intervention for Individuals with TBI: Comparison with Physical Therapy Using Laban Movement Analysis Marianne Talbot
15 Investigating Tauopathy in Military Occupational Blast: A [18F]flortaucipir Positron Emission Tomography Study in Canadian Armed Forces Members Shamantha Jahan Lora I. Boileau, S. Rhind, C. Tartaglia, S. Watling, N. Vasdev
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Conference Date

Friday February 11, 2022

**All times and dates stated on this website are in Eastern Standard Time (EST, Toronto, Canada)**

Conference Location

Remo Interactive Virtual Conference Platform

Registration Rates

Virtual Registration $150


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