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The Global CALM Program is an international initiative to train clinicians in CALM (Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully) therapy, gather evidence about the implementation of CALM in diverse settings, and to make CALM a standard of care for people facing metastatic and advanced cancer.

The Global Institute of Psychosocial, Palliative and End-of-Life Care (GIPPEC), a joint institution between the University of Toronto (UofT) and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (PM), is the delivery agent for the Global CALM Program. Based in Toronto, Canada it promotes and coordinates the expansion of CALM delivery, education, and research through a network of international cancer centres and academic institutions.

Our vision is to reduce distress and promote the well-being of people facing metastatic or advanced cancer throughout the world.

Our mission is to make CALM a standard of care.

Global CALM Program Aims

Build capacity for CALM: through a network of CALM sites, the program supports the advancement of CALM research and implementation.

Educate health care providers in CALM: the program provides international and local CALM workshops. Sites are supported to develop a cohort of certified CALM therapist through online supervision with a certified CALM supervisor.

Advance global knowledge: through research collaboration and international exchange, the program builds evidence for CALM on an international scale.

CALM Collaboration Opportunities

There are multiple opportunities to engage with the Global CALM Program at the institutional and therapist level.

Health care organizations with a cancer program and access to cancer patients are eligible to join the Global CALM Program. There are three levels of collaboration:

Clinical Site
  • Cohort of therapists (minimum three) with dedicated time to achieving CALM therapist certification. Timelines for certification range between 12-18 months. Therapists must be available 2-3 hours per we to see CALM cases and attend supervision.
  • Dedicated CALM site lead committed to developing CALM within the centre and holding a leadership role in CALM. This role may include advocating for CALM within the institution, coordinating supervision with therapists, dedication to becoming a CALM supervisor after certification, and clinical program development.
  • Clinical lead to attend CALM workshop annually.
Clinical and Research Site
  • Includes all Clinical Site requirements.
  • Dedicated CALM site research lead committed to providing oversight and coordination of clinical research project(s) on CALM. This may be the same person as the clinical lead, so long as they have research capacity. This role may include developing the research ethics board submission, translation of measures, coordinating recruitment, and administering measures.
  • Commitment to identify funding to support site research.
  • Commitment to share CALM data for research and program growth.
Individual Collaborator Individuals who are interested in CALM but are not interested in establishing a CALM Program are eligible to collaborate with the program to obtain CALM certification or collaborate academically.

Therapists obtaining certification must have access to patients with metastatic or advanced cancer, have attended a CALM workshop, and commit to attending supervision for a fee. Please note supervision is dependent on availability of supervision time.

For more information please email

All clinicians joining the Global CALM Program will be approached and invited to participate in our Global CALM Research Project on the feasibility and implementation of the Global CALM Program.

Levels of CALM Implementation

New sites are assigned a level of CALM implementation. Sites are supported to progress through the levels to become a well-developed CALM hub. Apply to join the Global Program today.

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Upcoming CALM Events

CALM Workshop

We are planning exciting online courses to replace our previously scheduled in-person workshops. More information will be posted here soon.


Registration Inquiries/ Assistance
416-597-3422 x 3448