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CALM Implementation

CALM implementation is supported through toolkits for conducting research, CALM therapist supervision and certification, and hosting CALM training workshops.

Research Toolkit CALM sites interested in conducting research are provided with a research tool kit that includes:
  • Phase I Feasibility Study protocol template. The protocol will be reviewed up to two times for feedback and discussion from research staff at GIPPEC.
  • Access to the Online System for Collaborative Research (OSCR), an online data collection system designed for collecting data on the core measures of CALM.
  • Research templates for best practice.
  • Translation support for research and clinical measures.
Sites are asked to enter into a research agreement with GIPPEC and to share their anonymized clinical research data with the GIPPEC research team. Sites have first right to publish on data. Data shared will be included in the Global CALM study reported in aggregate form.
Supervision Toolkit Through continued practice and supervision with the intervention developers, CALM Certified Clinicians may become CALM supervisors. CALM supervisors will lead supervision with clinicians at participating CALM Clinical and Clinical and Research Sites in their region. The following resources are provided for CALM supervision:
  • Treatment Integrity rating form.
  • CALM assessment and follow-up note templates.
  • Periodic videoconferencing calls with certified CALM supervisor to discuss supervision progress and questions.
  • For further information, see the Online Supervision tab.
Certification Toolkit To be certified as a CALM therapist, clinicians must competently complete two cases (a minimum of three sessions delivered over three to six months) under supervision with a certified CALM supervisor. Cases are presented at supervision at least twice: once after the initial CALM assessment and once prior to the completion of CALM therapy. Group supervision can be done in person or online. The CALM therapist certification toolkit includes:
  • CALM assessment and follow-up note templates.
  • Suggested questions to probe the CALM domains.
Workshop Toolkit Sites are encouraged to host workshops in their region. CALM developers are available to facilitate the workshop for a fee. A toolkit of resources is provided and includes:
  • Draft agenda
  • Standardized patient scenarios
  • Online workshop evaluation questionnaire
  • CALM materials on the theoretical aspects of CALM

For more information on online supervision see the supervision tab.

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