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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Podium Session 1: Old spaces, New Views
Moderator: Victoria Boyd

Abstract Time Podium # Abstract title Authors
1:00-1:15 1.1 New ways of ‘seeing’ – using systems thinking in the development of competency frameworks Alan Batt, Brett Williams, Madison Brydges, Matthew Leyenaar, Walter Tavares
1:15-1:30 1.2 Morbidity and mortality rounds as epistemic practice: A critical interpretive synthesis Paula Rowland, Nathan Cupido, Mathieu Albert, Simon Kitto
1:30-1:45 1.3 Making visible our philosophical positions: What goes unsaid when we assess intrinsic competencies? Walter Tavares; Paula Rowland; Stella Ng; Ayelet Kuper, Farah Friesen, Kathryn Hodwitz, Katherine Shwetz, Ryan Brydges
1:45-2:00 1.4 Safe is as safe does: A study of the SSC using a Safety II approach Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Sydney McQueen, Elise Paradis & Carol-anne Moulton
2:00-2:15 1.5 Medical communication beyond medical education: A critical scoping review Jacquelin Forsey , Stella Ng, Paula Rowland, Risa Freeman, Connie Li, Sabrina Teles, Nikki Woods
2:15-2:30 1.6 How does technology impact our definitions of a “good death?” A scoping review and discourse analysis Michal Coret, Tina Martimianakis

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Podium Session 2: Aiming for Excellence
Moderator: Jacquelin Forsey

Abstract Time Podium # Abstract title Authors
10:00-10:15 2.1 Divergent experiences: Gender differences in perceptions of feedback in internal medicine Maxime Billick ; James Rassos, Shiphra Ginsburg
10:15-10:30 2.2 Aim for the peak: A scoping Review of Cognitive Flow in Clinical Practice Stephanie Jiang, Sydney McQueen, Aidan McParland, Melanie Hammond Mobilio, Carol-anne Moulton
10:30-10:45 2.3 Understanding Surgeons’ Experience of Flow Sydney McQueen, Dr. Aidan McParland, Melanie Hammond Mobilio & Carol-anne Moulton
10:45-11:00 2.4 Feedback Delivery in an Academic Cancer Centre: Longitudinal Reflections on an R2C2-based Microlearning Course Amir H. Safavi, Janet Papadakos, Tina Papadakos, Naa Kwarley Quartey, Karen Lawrie, Eden Klein, Sarah Storer, Jennifer Croke, Barbara-Ann Millar, Raymond Jang, Andrea Bezjak, Meredith E. Giuliani
11:00-11:15 2.5 Modelling and Minimizing the Impacts of Infection Control Routines on Nurse Workload in Acute Care Under Varying COVID-19 Outbreak Scenarios Sadeem M. Qureshi; Helen Kelly…..Nicole Woods….Sue Bookey-Bassett et al

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Podium Session 3: Engaging Ideas and Each Other
Moderator: Sanne Kaas-Mason

Abstract Time Podium # Abstract title Authors
1:00-1:15 3.1 “COVID-19 as the equalizer”: Evolving discourses of COVID-19 and implications for medical education. Vincent Tang, Asia van Buuren, Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis
1:15-1:30 3.2 Translating Between Cultural and Professional Selves: International Pharmacy Graduates and Professional Identity Formation Tim Mickleborough
1:30-1:45 3.3 A Critical Discourse Analysis of Face Masks and Its Association with Health Construction in Medical Education Ran Huo, Maria Athina (Tina) Martimianakis
1:45-2:00 3.4 Teaching poverty and health: Importing transformative learning into the structures and paradigms of medical education Carrie Cartmill, Cynthia Whitehead, Esther Ernst, Ritika Goel, Samantha Green, Mona Haidar, Dawnmarie Harriott, Sarah Wright
2:00-2:15 3.5 Teaching poverty, social determinants of health, and social accountability Ritika Goel, Samantha Green, Esther Ernst, Larisa Eibisch, Mona Haidar, Carrie Cartmill, Cynthia Whitehead, Sarah Wright
2:15-2:30 3.6 Exploring Multiplicity: Multimodal Methods, Lifeworlds and the Limits of Narrative Suze Berkhout and Eva-Marie Stern
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October 28-30, 2020

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