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Click on the VIDEO on COMMENT icons next to the abstract to view a short video or leave a question for the presenter.

ID PDF Video Comments Category Title Author
R01 Research An Environmental Scan of Amputation Rehabilitation Amanda Mayo; Fayez Alshehri; Steven Dilkas; Sander Hitzig; Crystal MacKay; Michael Devlin; Oren Cheifetz; Caitlin Yee
R02 Research Epidemiologic Trends of Limb Amputation in Saskatchewan Samuel Kwaku Essien, A. Gary Linassi, Audrey Zucker-Levin
R04 Research Surrogate Measure of Phantom Hand Motion D Kingston, K Ghoseiri, K Collins, A Zucker-Levin
R05 Research How close is a dynamic socket? James Tung, R Murdock, R Gao, P Lee, R Bahensky, A Colpitts, C Ren, A Schirm, D Dittmer
S01 student The investigation of prosthetic rehabilitation outcomes following a lower limb amputation in the oldest old Ashvene Sureshkumar, Michael W. Payne, Ricardo Viana, Susan W. Hunter
S02 Student Evaluation of five measures of concern for falling in people with lower extremity amputations Kristin Nugent, E Pila, M Payne, R Viana, SW Hunter
S03 Student The effect of dual-task testing on the balance and gait of people with lower limb amputations: A systematic review. Humberto Omana, E Madou, M Montero-Odasso 5, MW Payne , R Viana , SW Hunter
S04 Student Identifying Challenges and Facilitators to the Implementation of Digital Technology in the Field of Orthotics & Prosthetics: A Qualitative Study Calvin Ngan, H Sivasambu, K Kelland, S Ramdial, J Andrysek
S05 Student Understanding transitions in care for people with major lower limb amputations from inpatient rehabilitation to home: a descriptive qualitative study Marija Radenovic, K Aguilar, AB Wyrough, CL Johnson, S Luong, AC Everall, SLHitzig, S Dilkas, C MacKay, SJT Guilcher
S06 Student Imagined and real walking effects in people with lower limb amputation: an fMRI Study Edward Madou, R Bartha, M Payne, R Viana, SW Hunter
S07 Student Sex and gender differences in outcomes for individuals with adult acquired lower-limb amputation: A scoping review S Cimino, A VijayakumaR, C MacKay, AL Mayo, SJT Guilcher , SL Hitzig S
S08 Student Stair Mobility In Community-Dwelling People with Lower Limb Amputation: Preliminary Findings from a Cross-Sectional Study Linda Vi, Crystal MacKay, Michael Devlin, Stefania Lehkyj, Zoni Riondato, Janet Campbell, and Steven Dilkas
S11 Student Microprocessor knee versus non-microprocessor knee for back-up device in lower limb prostheses: A qualitative study of Canadian Armed Forces members and Veterans Jody Young, Eva Guerin, Markus Besemann, Nancy Dudek

Date & Time

Friday May 7th, 2021
9:00am – 4:15 pm EDT
Eastern Daylight Time


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