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Conference Sessions

* All times listed are EST (UTC -5) *

Friday, July 17th


It's Your Turn!
Christopher Norton & Olivia Riddell

Want to explore and widen your students’ foundation in improvisation BEFORE Moonbeams 3? Tired of “adapting” other method/improve books to work well with MYC classes? Classically trained and anxious to try to teach improvisation? MYC and Christopher Norton have created a book specifically for the Sunbeams 3/Moonbeams 2 student (and teacher) who are ready and excited to learn how to improvise.

This book will teach you how to unlock improvisational potential in a student by starting from a point they know (or can quickly grasp) and moving them to a point where spontaneous ideas appear because they feel comfortable with the methodology and the stylistic context supplied.


Getting to Know Conservatory Canada
Derek Oger

Come and discover the Conservatory Canada difference: eExams, Contemporary Idioms Piano syllabus, Flexible scheduling, Flexible repertoire choices, Mini-Lessons, and Recital Assessments.


Around the World in 80 Days
Christopher Norton

Christopher Norton has embarked on a new publishing venture, 80-days ( The Connections series, all 10 volumes, is an 80 Days Publishing series, as are 2 Suites for 2 pianos, 2 books of intermediate piano duets, pieces for 6 hands at one piano and 8 hands at 2 pianos. Not to mention series for violin, viola and cello (all with piano accompaniment) and all woodwind instruments. And Songs from the Micromusicals.

Saturday, July 18th


Exhibitor Showcase: My Music Staff
Todd Whaley

Everything all in one place! From scheduling and invoicing to sharing your multimedia content with your students! Automate and streamline your studio administrative work. My Music Staff is the #1 software solution for private music studios.


Leveraging Social Media to Grow an Existing Brand
Avery Swartz

Social media can be a very powerful tool for business growth, but you need to be strategic in the way you use it to get the most value. Join Avery Swartz, author ofSee You on the Internet, for an entertaining presentation on how you can use social media to grow an existing brand, without a big investment of time and energy.

As a special bonus, the first 100 registrants to the conference will receive a copy of Avery's forthcoming book See You on the Internet: Building Your Small Business with Digital Marketing (Page Two Books, March 2020).


Making Music Relevant in the Life of a Child
Hannah Marple

Thinking back to our life as a child, as a piano student, we were likely instructed to

  • keep the tempo steady...
  • ... practice hands separately
  • ... and to count out loud.

This is presumably what our time at the piano looked like. While these elements are essentials to becoming successful musicians, having our students critically think and see “all the things” on the page enables them to truly internalize the music. How do we see this now as teachers? Are we thinking too critically about our music? How do we teach our students to do so? Where else in life do we experience these same concepts?? This workshop intends to answer these questions, bringing to life some of the abstracts of music to the real life of a child and will provide tactical ways to help our students (and parents) practice with intention.


MYC to RCM: Pathway to Success!
Elaine Rusk

Find out how to transition MYC graduates into RCM curriculum with Vice President of the Certificate Program, Elaine Rusk.

Monday July 20th


21st Century Technologies for 21st Century Students
Doug McGarry

Cell phones, tablets, gaming and streaming video... the list of modern technologies that form part of the daily lives of your students gets larger and larger each year. In this session you will learn how to use the latest technologies in musical instruments and learning tools to enhance your teaching and increase student engagement and retention. Special demos and a door prize for one lucky workshop attendee.


Teaching MYC to Children with Exceptionalities
Beth Schloo

This workshop will demonstrate how the MYC program is accessible for children of all abilities. It will give you tools to help understand and support children with exceptionalities, through studio set up, teaching strategies and specific examples using the MYC program.


Ultimate Music Theory Teacher Workshop - Discover How Powerful Transformational Vocabulary Impacts Learning Success!
Glory St. Germain

Free Gift For All Attendees PLUS You Will Learn:

How “ICE” Changes Frustrated to Fascinated Lessons
One “VAK” Technique To Develop Sight & Ear Skills
The 3 Essential Elements For Achieving Music Mastery

Tuesday July 21st


The New Moonbeams 3!!
Olivia Riddell & George Litterst

Moonbeams 3 is a magical and important final first step in the MYC Method! Discover how the new book brings ease back to “fitting it all in,” and re-confirms and re-energizes your passion and excitement to teach Moonbeams 3. All Moonbeams 3 material has been re-typeset and all MIDIs have been updated, enhanced and revised.

The SuperScore editions of Moonbeams 3 publications include newly revised MIDI tracks for all of the pieces. You can play these tracks using the built-in General MIDI tone generator or by connecting your iPad to a MIDI keyboard. You can also connect your iPad to a projector or flat panel display so that the entire class can see the music. Managing your class with SuperScore is a breeze.

Students can use the new SuperScore materials at home, with or without a MIDI keyboard. SuperScore provides a playback looping function, tempo control, part-muting, and score annotations. When used with a MIDI keyboard, SuperScore provides additional interactivity.

SuperScore is the premiere app for viewing, managing, and interacting with your library of musical scores. SuperScore provides virtually unlimited notation sizes with Liquid Music Display™ technology. Simply use the standard pinch and spread gestures to find the size and layout that is right for you or your student.


The RCM Teacher Portal: A Resource for All Teachers
Dr. Janet Lopinski

Discover the Royal Conservatory's online Teacher Portal and all it has to offer with Dr. Janet Lopinski, Faculty Member of The Glen Gould School of Music, and Senior Examiner.

Wednesday, July 22nd


MYC Games
Amy Jo Vanden Brink

Creator and MYC teacher Amy Jo Vanden Brink will show you various games for all MYC levels.


“Growing” Your Studio – A Two Year Wait List
Dr. Lorna Wanzel&Emma Skeete

In the process of teaching MYC there are many joys, but there are also some struggles. Keeping students motivated can be a perennial issue. So, how can we motivate our students and instill the discipline needed while maintaining the joy of music-making? Through Growth Mindset and by discovering what motivates students. This session will help you to encourage your students, so that they can think more constructively about their struggles. We will discuss some of the key ideas around growth mindset, and help you enhance your teaching language so you can equip students to overcome the most difficult weeks and forge ahead on their musical journey.


Closing Remarks
Olivia Riddell & Frances Balodis

Join Frances and Olivia; mother and daughter; Founder and Owner/International Director – as they share thoughts and insights of their own journey with MYC over the last 40 years.

Event Information

July 16 - 22, 2020


For more information

Mairéad Frizell