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Click on the linked icons next to each e-poster in the table below to view the PDF of the poster. You may leave comments by clicking on the icon in the comments column for each poster. Poster presenters will check this webpage periodically to respond to questions. You can find the response by clicking on the comments icon to open the Slido question window and then click “replies” below your comment to view the poster presenter’s reply. Click here for more detailed instructions:

PDF Comments # Title of Poster Authors
1 A Competency-Based Concussion Curriculum for Primary Care Residents: Benefits, Challenges and Future Directions Ching-Lung Huang, George Zhao, Alyson Summers, Fatima Khan, Aisha Husain, Joyce Nyhof-Young, Nicolas Fernandez, Denyse Richardson, Alice Kam
2 Facilitating Concussion Research Participation: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Patient Perspective
Maryam Fereig, Sarah Diaz
3 Assessing Eye-Movements Performance and Executive Functioning After Concussion
Emma Pownall
4 Nanoporous Carbon Immunosensor for Highly Accurate and Sensitive Clinical Detection of Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein in Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke, and Spinal Cord Injury
Sultan Khetani, Razieh Salahandish, Jason B. Tabor, Matthew Chilvers, Sean Dukelow, Chester Ho, Christina Campbell, Arindom Sen, Chantel T. Debert, Amir Sanati-Nezhad
5 Females and The Injured Brain: New Information, New Interventions
Eden Dales, Lauren Okell
6 A Novel Soccer Headgear Design to Reduce Concussion Risk in Head-to Head Collisions
Minhong Kim
7 Remote Versus In-Person Follow-up in Acute Concussion Care: Examining Recovery in Pre- and Intra-Pandemic Cohorts
Evan Foster, Tharshini Chandra, Paul Comper, Alan Tam, Alice Kam, David Lawrence, Mark Bayley
8 Factors that Influence Athletes Neurotracker Performance on Preseason Tests in Mild TBI Context
Jean-Michel Acquin, Yannick Desjardins, Alexandre Deschamps, Céline Carel, Ellyne Braeunig, Étienne Fallu, Philippe Fait, Laurie-Ann Corbin-Berrigan
9 Preliminary findings: An MRI Study Tracking Post-Concussion Brain Recovery
Ethan Danielli,Nicholas Simard, Dinesh Kumbhare, Michael D Noseworthy
10 Rehabilitation Interventions for Oculomotor Deficits in Adults with Concussion or Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review
Melissa Biscardi, Zane Grossinger, Mark Bayley, Angela Colantonio, Tatyana Mollayeva
11 The Power of Images: Using Infographics to Promote Patient and Family Understanding of Sex and Gender Effects in Traumatic Brain Injury
Thaisa Tylinski Sant’Ana, Tatyana Mollayeva

Date & Time

Friday April 21, 2023
Times in the program are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


Hybrid Event
Virtual: Zoom link to be sent via email prior to event
In Person: BMO Education & Conference Centre, Toronto Western Hospital (limited capacity)

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