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Poster Presentations

Poster Viewing: Posters will be available for viewing onsite at the conference.

Posters where we have received permission to post them online can be accessed by clicking on the abstract titles (bolded font).

Information for Poster Presenters:

  • Displays may consist of a one-piece poster, or a two dimensional collection of smaller pieces which utilize the panel as a background
  • Posters must be HORIZONTAL. The display’s overall size must not exceed the panel dimensions (72" wide x 36" high or 6ft x 3ft)
  • Handouts may not be left on the floor in front of the display, however, business card or brochure holders may be attached to the display panel
  • We will provide you with the “male” or “hook” Velcro or pins needed to attach your poster to the poster boards
  • You are responsible for all expenses associated with creating your poster presentation, conference registration and travel expenses for the conference
  • Please set up your poster during morning registration on Friday February 9th between 8:00 am to 8:30 am.
# Abstract Title Primary Author Additional Authors
1 Rehabilitation interventions for oculomotor deficits in adults with mild traumatic brain injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis Melissa Biscardi Z. Grossinger, A. Colantonio, M. Bayley, T. Mollayeva
2 Racial disparities among children and youth with ABI and their caregivers: A systematic review Sally Lindsay Y. Li, P. Cao
3 Merging arts and science: Creating infographics to raise awareness of sex and gender effects in traumatic brain injury Thaisa Tylinski Sant'Ana A. Colantonio, T. Mollayeva
4 The Role of Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) on Concussion Recovery: A Retrospective Study Stephanie Flageol A. Tam, E. Foster, P. Comper, M. Bayley, T. Chandra
5 “A whole ball of all-togetherness”: A qualitative exploration of the interwoven experiences of intimate partner violence, brain injury, and mental health to support better care Danielle Toccalino H. Haag, E. Nalder, V. Chan, A. Colantonio, C. Wickens, A. Moore
6 Diagnostic approaches to mild traumatic brain injury and concussion in post-acute settings: a scoping review Matthew BurkeY. Elsheikh Ahmed, K. Sanchez, A. Winston, Z. Li, L.R. Robinson, S.L. Hitzig
7 The identification and management of mild traumatic brain injury and concussion in rehabilitation settings: A qualitative study Yomna Elsheikh Ahmed Z. Li, L. Gotlib Conn, P. Broadhurst, C. Cocco, M. Burke, L.R. Robinson, S.L. Hitzig
8 The role of perceptual-cognitive skills in the prevention of repeated head impacts in hockey: a pilot study Reka Sivasubramaniyam C. Hunter, E. Wagnac, R. Romeas, J-F. Brunelle, J. Glaude-Roy, J. Lemoyne, L-A. Corbin-Berrigan
9 Individuals with acquired brain injury’ and program facilitators’ experiences in virtual ABI community support programs: A qualitative study Jasleen Grewal S. Vu Nguyen, N. Nonis, H. Singh
10 Examining the Influence of Sex on the Risk of Future Musculoskeletal Injury Following Sports-Related Concussion Stefan Bianchi M. Hutchison, A. Di Battista
11 How Far are We from Achieving Ideal TBI Care? The Pathway to Evaluating Care Quality and Equity through Evidence-based Quality Indicators Arman Ali J. Gargaro, L. Plumptre, J. Fang, M. Bayley
12 Falling out of place: an equity-focused characterization of mTBI/concussion healthcare Arman Ali J. Gargaro, L. Plumptre, J. Fang, M. Bayley
13 Visual and Vestibular integration in Walking after Concussion Calaina Brooke S. Perry, S. Tran
14 Group Intervention for Patients experiencing Prolonged Symptoms following mTBI: A Proof of Concept Study Sabrina Lemire-Rodger E. McLellan, E. Reyvas, L. Witiuk, M. Burke
15 Investigating the Feasibility of a Submaximal Resistance Exercise Protocol in Recovery of Patients with Persistent Concussion Symptoms via a Mobile Health(mHealth) Intervention Matthew Loenhart M. Hutchison, A. Di Battista
16 Concussion recovery and multi-domain integration in working-aged adults: Integrating cognition, balance, and visuomotor action for skilled performance in adults with persistent symptoms Sonia Vovan J. Campos, M. Adams, L. Sergio
17 The Evaluation of Near Point Convergence (NPC) and modified Balance Error Scoring System (mBESS) in Acutely Concussed Athletes in Comparison to their Healthy Baseline and its Association with Recovery Length Danielle Corallo K. Pyndiura, M. Hutchison
18 Investigating Differences in Heart Rate Between Athletes with Concussion and Healthy Controls During Visual and Cognitive Clinical Assessments Genevienve Ammendolia Tomé M. Hutchison, K. Pyndiura
19 Utility of an Augmented Reality (AR) Task for Assessing Mult-Domain Performance in Individuals with Persisting Concussion Symptoms: A Case Series Study Aaiza Khan A. Machula, D. Gorbet, L. Sergio
20 Brainbot, An Innovative mHealth App for Concussion Self-Management and Occupational Performance in Adults: A Mixed Methods Study Investigating Usability Shelley Vaisberg A. Hunt, M. Ma, A. Peill
21 Examining symptom provocation on a Multimodal Exertional Test for Concussion in athletes throughout clinical recovery Kyla Pyndiura A. Di Battista, D. Richards, M. Hutchison
22 Effects of repeated head impacts in Canadian university varsity level american football players on clinical presentation of head and neck pain and concussion-related symptoms Maée Camara E. Wagnac, I. Pagé, L. de Beaumont, L-A. Corbin-Berrigan
Returning Registrant

Conference Date

Friday February 9, 2024

All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Conference Location

Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre
525 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5G 2L2
Grand Ballroom, Lower Convention Level


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