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Please see below for links to presenter slides

Please click on the name of the presentation you would like to view or download in the table below.

Time Room A Room B Room C
Day 1 (November 3, 2022)
9:00 Seeing Through Brain Fog: Disentangling the Cognitive, Physical, and Mental Health Sequelae of COVID-19

ABA in ABI: The Role of Applied Behaviour Analysis in Acute and Chronic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

The Intersection of Acquired Brain Injury and the Clinical Justice Program: A Cross Collaboration Providing Comprehensive Support

Learn to Thrive with Post Concussion Syndrome: A positive psychology-based well-being program improving the emotional and psycho-social experience of those living with PCS


Using the 4 M's of Mental Health to Improve the Well-Being of People Living with Brain Injury During the COVID-19Pandemic and Beyond

ABI In the Streets: A Collaborative Approach for those who are Experiencing Homelessness

Enabling Meaningful Remote Collaboration: Principles and Practices to Create Inclusive Online Meetings with Both Clients and Colleagues

13:15 Rapid Podium Presentations

1. Pillars of ABI Community Support - The Role of the Provincial ABI System Navigator

2. Mining Traumatic Brain Injury Event Data of Male and Female Patients According to the Haddon Matrix

3. Tech Based Solution to Personal Care and Rehabilitation

4. There's an App for That: Individuals with an mTBI may improve their symptoms by using an app to pace and plan their activities
*Slides unavailable for this presentation

5. An Investigation of Sleep and Neuropsychiatric Measures in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

6. Food for the Soul - The Community Head Injury Resource Services (CHIRS) Food Security Program
+ Handout

WRAP Groups for Persons with Brain Injury

Working With Challenging Clients in a Virtual Age: Professional Boundaries and Self-Care for Health Care Workers and Administrative Staff

Can we get there from here? Developing and Implementing an Ideal Neurotrauma Care Pathway

15:30 Improving the Management of Post-Traumatic Amnesia after Traumatic Brain Injury
*Slides unavailable for this presentation
Day 2 (November 4, 2022)

Improving Outcomes for Care Partners: The Development of the TBI-Care QOL Measurement System and its Clinical Use in the Care QoL Self-Management App


Brain Injured Clients and the Litigation Process

Workshop Cancelled

Communication Disorders and How They Affect Consent Conversations,Relationships, and Intimacy

12:30 Yes Suffering and Loss - and Healing and Hope: My 10-Year Journey with Angie Davis
Returning Registrant


November 3-4, 2022
Online registration closes Oct 31 at midnight


Marriott Downtown
CF Toronto Eaton Centre,
525 Bay Street,


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416-597-3422 x3448

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