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All posters have been categorized into one of four groupings: Practice Updates, Education, Research - Future, and Parent Led. Posters will be displayed in two ways: as physical posters at the Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning and on this webpage. Click on the icon under the Poster column to view the poster. Click on the icon under Contact to send questions/comments to the presenting author.

For a quick overview of the posters, check out this video:

**NOTE: The video mis-identifies a poster at the 2:13 mark. The correct poster is No Pain, Real Gain by Imperial NHS Trust. Please visit Poster #7 below to view the poster. We sincerely apologize for this error.**

Practice Updates

# Poster Contact Title of Poster Author(s) presenting author in bold
1 Parent experience of shared decision making (SDM) in Family Integrated Care (FICare) - learning from questionnaire responses and implications for future practice P. Cawley, H. Apperley, S. Sakonidou, H. Meechan, M. Mendoza, F. Carey, E. Wood
2 Creating positive connections: working with families in the neonatal unit. A quality improvement initiative J. Gillone, C. MacLennan, K. D'Eath, J. Dixon
3 Cotside parental census: Impact of interventions to protect equity in access to FICare C. Longley, H. Fensom, J. McDonald, F. Carey, E. Wood, P. Cawley
4 Collaborating to improve neonatal care: ParentAl participation on The NEonatal ward – study protocol of the neoPARTNER study H. Hoeben, M.T. Alferink, A.A.M.W. van Kempen, J.B. van Goudoever, N.R. van Veenendaal, S.R.D. van der Schoor
5 Donor EBM use in a level 2 neonatal unit M. Abdalhady, S. Didier, A. Harous
6 Optimising Delivery Room Cuddles: Understanding Multidisciplinary Staff Perspectives and the Parent Experience R. Fleming, A. Price, A. Al-Robeye, N. Ryan, L. Still


# Poster Contact Title of Poster Author(s) presenting author in bold
7 No pain, real gain. Implementation of non-pharmacological strategies in NICU E. Hills, D. Machado, A. Rebelo, L. Colli-Franzone, U. Kariholu, K. Mitchell, M. Lanza
8 The 'All Wrapped Up' Package D. Redfern, D. Clements, K. Williams, L. Crabtree
9 Parents are Essential: How Essential Care Partner Programs Support Family Integrated Care H. Lannon, F. Halane
10 Prenatal education and support groups for parents whose baby will come to the NICU: Why and how to get started? B. Boutillier, R. Pearce, I. Boucoiran, G. Éthier, M. Reichherzer, L. Morin, A. Janvier, T.M. Luu
11 BestPrem parent passport developed as a tool to empower parents of preterm babies at the time of delivery O. Diya, A. Deierl, J. Banerjee, K. Zieba, D. Thakkar
12 Developing a digital patient experience survey tool to collect feedback on Family Integrated Care Practice in a UK neonatal service A. Deierl, J. Teiserskas, J. Banerjee, F. Stubbs, E. Knowler, S. Banno

Research - Future

# Poster Contact Title of Poster Author(s) presenting author in bold
13 RISEinFAMILY project: The co-creation process M. Tirza Alfernik, J. Lakhwani, B. Moreno Sanz-Gadea, M. Cabrera, A. Pellicer, on behalf of the RISEinFAMILY Consortium (European Union, MSCA-RISE-H2020)
14 Short and Mid-term Neonatal Outcomes in High-risk Preterm and Term Infants Undergoing FICare: A Case Control Study B. Moreno Sanz-Gadea, M. Antón, M.T. Montes, M. Cabrera, A. Pellicer
15 Predicting and preparing for the future of babies born extremely preterm: Parents give recommendations to clinicians E. Thivierge, R. Pearce, T.M. Luu, M. Jaworski, A. Synnes, C-J. Bourque. A. Janvier
16 Lactation Support in Infants with Life Limiting conditions: Examining Health Disparities and Facilitators utilizing Family Centered Care Proxy Measures S. Brito, K. Hendricks-Munoz, A. Williams, J. Fox, T. Mohammed, N. Chahin

Parent Led

# Poster Contact Title of Poster Author(s) presenting author in bold
17 Facilitating the Return of NICU Graduate Family Volunteer Contributions After COVID-19 K. Bong
18 Implementing Family Led Ward rounds in a Level 3 Neonatal unit in the UK B. Ramunno, E. Turk, K. Jones, H. Fraser James, K. Sweeney, K. Rabe
19 Revitatlizing the IWK NICU Parent Partner Program Post-COVID L. Whitehead, K. Smith, N. Skinner
20 Parent Led Skin-to-skin Transfer - A quality improvement inititative empowering parents D.S. Horta Machado, L. Colli-Franzone, A. Rebelo, M. Lanza, J. Canas e Dias
21 Twenty-four Plus Six - A Family Journey Through Neonatal Care A. Brett

Event Date & Time

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Event Location:

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
686 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5G 0A4
Located beside The Hospital for Sick Children


See Venue and Accommodation page for details

Information & Assistance:

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