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Call for e-posters

We are inviting women in STEM from all Government of Canada and Germany science-based departments and agencies to submit one or more e-posters at the Symposium.

Your e-poster will help showcase research excellence of women working in science and innovation.

The e-poster and scientific discussion themes:

  • Climate change impact and adaptation
    Including research in, but not limited to, global warming, greenhouse effects, climate resilience measures, mitigation option, low-carbon technologies, sustainability, and environmental monitoring.
  • Emerging technologies
    Including research in, but not limited to, artificial intelligence, data, quantum science, digital transformation, sensors, nanotechnology, and advanced materials.
  • Health and well-being
    Including research in, but not limited to medical devices, bioinformatics, novel/precision therapeutics, mobile health, AI healthcare, COVID pandemic and preparedness for the next pandemic, mechanisms of inflammatory disease, nanomedicine and soft matter characterization and diagnostic tools.


  • Anyone who is employed by a Canadian or a German federal organization, including students and postdocs.

E-poster Requirements

  • The e-poster must be a PDF file with a maximum size of 25 MB.
  • Government of Canada employees, your e-poster(s) title(s) and abstract(s) will be required in both English and French. The content of the e-poster can be in either English or French.
  • NRC employees, please use the NRC template which can be found on MyZone and contact to help with translation.
  • Submissions from German federal government employees can be in English.
  • Submissions from collaborators or students working with the Canadian Federal Government or the German Federal Government can be in English.
  • The abstract has a 200 word limit for English and 250 words for French.
  • Please use the template designated by your department or organization for scientific e-posters.
  • All e-posters should identify a presenting author who will be available to interact with those viewing the e-posters. This person may receive chat notifications via email.
  • Note: It is the responsibility of all e-poster presenting author to obtain approval from the appropriate level of management in your organization, review, understand, and comply with the federal government's rules about the sharing of potentially sensitive information.

How to upload your e-poster

Go to the e-poster portal and create an account to log in and upload your e-poster.


  • Friday. December 17, 2021: The e-poster session launches. All presenters and Symposium attendees will be able to view the e-posters and interact with the presenting author. Registering and uploading your e-poster before this date gives you a significantly longer time to interact and network with registrants who have viewed your poster.
  • Friday, January 28, 2022, 12:00 p.m.: Deadline for registering to participate in the e-poster session and uploading your e-poster(s).

You may make changes to the content of your e-poster until January 28, 2022. Instructions on how to make changes are available to the presenting author on the web platform for the e-poster repository.

About the E-poster Session Format and Platform

  • This year, our virtual platform provides an opportunity for a longer period of e-poster review and discussion.
    • The e-poster session will launch on December 17, 2021. All presenters and Symposium attendees will be able to view the e-posters and interact with the presenting author starting on this date.
    • The e-posters will be available for one year following the Symposium. Collab cafés to facilitate networking and discussions will be scheduled throughout the year.
  • Under each e-poster, you will find a chat window, which will enable virtual discussion and networking. If you are an e-poster presenting author, you will be notified by email when you receive a post in the chat under your e-poster.
  • This platform is appropriate for non-classified information only.
  • The e-poster session platform is hosted by D. E. Systems, and all data is stored on Canadian servers.


For questions or more information, please contact: