Why does the MILCOMP start on 2 August on the schedule?

A. The official arrival/registration day for MILCOMP is 4 August. We understand that some teams may prefer to fly to Canada early in order to acclimatize. Therefore, we have made arrangements for quarters and rations to be available as of 2 August at an extra cost of approximately $75.00 CAD per day, payable directly to the base accommodation center and the mess hall. You must notify us upon your registration through this website the date of your arrival so we can advise the base accommodation center. You will have access to the gym/pool, and all other sporting facilities, but NO official training will be provided, ie. obstacle course, water obstacle course, weapons and ranges will NOT be available to you.

How do we register family members and accompanying persons?

A. Canada does not have a Reserve Officers Association, and therefore all registration fees become “public funds.” As an “operational reserve,” we are bound by numerous hospitality and financial rules and regulations, which limits our ability to organize “non-military” events.

The good news therefore is that there is no fee, per say, for family and friends to travel together. You simply need to pay for their accommodations and meals, as you would on any vacation. If you would like to invite them to any of the official events, you have the option of purchasing extra tickets a la carte for the Opening Ceremony & Reception, Closing Ceremony & Gala Dinner, and the Symposium day.

Quebec City is a vibrant and multicultural tourist paradise. You are welcome to explore, at your own leisure and at your own pace, and in accordance with your own budget, all that the city and surrounding areas have to offer. We are currently working with the hotel concierge services to provide you with discounted packages, and will announce more details in the coming months.

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