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Poster Viewing: Posters will be available for viewing onsite at the conference.

Posters where we have received permission to post them online can be accessed by clicking on the abstract titles (bolded font).

# Abstract Title Primary Author(s) Additional Authors
1 TBI, PTSD and Sexual Abuse Simona Jellinek
2 Female Concussions: New Interventions and New Information: Considering Best Practice for Supporting Females Recovering from Concussion from a Social Work and Occupational Therapy Perspective Eden Dales L. Okell
3 Identification of Clinical Measures to Use in a Virtual Concussion Assessment: Preliminary Results of a Mixed-Methods Study Keely Barnes S. Marshall, H. Sveistrup
4 The Toronto Concussion Study: The feasibility and effects of early prescribed aerobic exercise on recovery and post-concussive symptoms in adults – a pilot study Evan Foster P. Comper, T. Chandra, D. Lawrence, A. Kempenaar, M. Bayley, E.L. Inness, L. Langer, C. Danells
5 Describing Epilepsy-Related Anxiety and Designing Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Scenarios: Results from Phases 1 and 2 of the AnxEpiVR Clinical Trial Lora Appel S. Lewis-Fung, D. Tchao, H. Gray, E. Nguyen, S. Pardini, L.R. Harris
6 VR & Specialized Dentistry: Using Virtual Reality to Manage Pain and Anxiety in Patients with Stroke Lora AppelS. Lewis-Fung, I. Garito, E. Tesfaye, R. Schlosser
7 All falls are not created equal: Exploring the concept of a therapeutic fall in ABI rehab Angie Andreoli C. Stier, M. Guo, A. Freeman, S. Yue, G. Hartman, M. Bayley
8 Teach-ABI: An Online Professional Development Module to Improve Educator Knowledge and Confidence Supporting Students with Acquired Brain Injury in the Classroom Sara A Marshall B. Lam, A. Hickling, S.E. Scratch, The NOvEL Lab Team
9 Visual Culture and Brain Injury: An analysis of neuro-artefacts Michelle Charette E. Panetta, D. Elliott
10 How do you solve a problem like disconnected and incomplete healthcare data? Neurotrauma Care Pathways in action Arman Ali J. Gargaro, M.J. Wiest, M. Bayley
11 PeCANN: Understanding Parallels and Peculiarities - A Protocol for a Multi-Site Pilot Study on Persistent Concussion, Anxiety, Neuropsychology, and Neuroimaging Elena Sheldrake A.L. Wheeler, B.I. Goldstein, B.T. Dunkley, N. Reed, M. Burke, S.E. Scratch, The NOvEL Lab Team
12 Descriptive Analysis of Preseason Baseline Data Collected From University Varsity Student-Athletes Using a Comprehensive Concussion Assessment Battery Ben Migotto L. Sergio, G. Mochizuki, A. Macpherson, L. Hynes
13 Social Support and Concussion: Exploring the experiences of youth facing barriers Zane Grossinger K. Wilson, K. Tamminen, A. Hunt, N. Reed
14 An analysis of the dissemination strategies used and information shared during a peer-led concussion education program in Canadian high schools Brynna Kerr K. Wilson, C. Ippolito, K. Mallory, E. Kroshus, M. Hutchison, N. Reed
15 Familial Chiari Malformation: A Systematic Review Jillian Dhawan M.G. Fehlings, A. Dhawan, A.N. Sharma, D. Azzam, A. Cherry
16 Caregivers Connecting after ABI (CCABI): Expanding Caregiver Support, Coping, and Knowledge Sara Stevens S. Scratch, M. Stewart, H. Al Hakeem, C. Gan, L. Ferriman, M. Ngo
17 Teenagers' self-perceived concussion knowledge is altered by biological sex, sport participation and history of concussion Laurie-Ann Corbin-Berrigan S-A.Vinet, S. Guay, L. De Beaumont
18 Mandatory and Discretionary reporting to the Ministry of Transportation on a multi-disciplinary team:  When is it necessary, who is responsible, and how should it be done Nellemarie Hyde
19 Move&Connect: A group-based intervention for youth after concussion and their caregivers Kylie D. Mallory H. Al-Hakeem, A. Lovell, A. HIckling, S.E. Scratch, The NOvEL Lab Team
20 Examining Amygdala Resting-State Functional Connectivity Alterations Associated with Depressive Symptoms in Chronic Moderate-Severe Traumatic Brain Layan Elfaki L. Muesel, B. Sharma, I. So, R. Green
21 A Toolkit for At-Risk Patients Expressing Desire for Discharge Sameera Khalid R. Macri, J. Peic, J. McFadden, O. Ghaffar
22 Achieving More Equitable Complex Concussion Management: Lessons from ECHO Concussion, a telemedicine education program Q. Jane Zhao M. McIntyre, B. Sharma, J. Gargaro, M. Bayley, R. Green
23 Comparing self-reporting concussion assessments with an objective neuroimaging-based approach Nicholas Simard E. Danielli, S. Ulmer, D. Kumbhare, M.D. Noseworthy
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