Keynote Speaker: Michelle Ploughman, BScPT, MSc, PhD

Dr. Ploughman is a physiotherapist and neuroscientist; a recognized expert in neuroplasticity and neurorehabilitation in stroke and multiple sclerosis. Her research focuses on the effects of aerobic exercise, intensive training paradigms and lifestyle habits on the brain challenged by injury, disease and aging. Dr. Ploughman is a Canada Research Chair in Neuroplasticity, Neurorehabilitation and Brain Recovery. Her work is published in journals such as Stroke, Neuroscience, Brain Research and Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Mark Bayley, MD, FRCPC

Mark Bayley is currently Medical Director and Senior Scientist at the Brain and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Program at Toronto Rehab. He is Professor and Saunderson Family Chair in Brain injury Research at the University of Toronto in the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medicine. Mark’s research focuses on understanding how to speed brain recovery through exercise, virtual reality, telerehabilitation and functional electrical stimulation. Importantly, he has explored novel implementation strategies to bridge the knowledge-practice gap by making best evidence available to clinicians through smartphone apps and Best Practices guidelines in stroke, concussion and Brain injury. His work has redesigned the stroke and brain injury rehabilitation systems in Canada.

Louis Biasin, BScPT

Lou Biasin is a physiotherapist with extensive expertise in stroke rehabilitation. He currently works as a Clinical Resource Specialist with the Mobility Innovations Centre at Toronto Rehab – UHN partnering with clinicians and researchers to promote sharing of knowledge and to provide a platform to collaboratively test, adapt and develop innovative practices within the context of real practice settings. He also works as a physiotherapist on the Stroke Rehab Inpatient Service.

Jennifer Campos, PhD

Dr. Jennifer Campos is the Chief Scientist of the Challenging Environments Assessment Laboratory at Toronto Rehab and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto. Jenny’s research focuses on enhancing safe mobility during walking and driving under realistic and challenging conditions. This includes understanding how age-related sensory impairments and cognitive impairments can increase the risk of falls and vehicle collisions. She makes extensive use of virtual reality and simulation technologies to carefully recreate real world conditions and she also adapts these technologies to be used as powerful and novel tools for training and rehabilitation interventions.

Cynthia Danells, BScPT, MSc

Cynthia is a physiotherapist who works at Toronto Rehab as a Clinical Resource Specialist in the Mobility Innovations Centre and a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Safe Independent Mobility Lab. Cynthia’s clinical and research experience is in the area of neurorehabilitation and recovery, with specific focus in balance (pushing behavior and perturbation balance training) and aerobic exercise post-stroke.

Liz Inness PT, PhD

Liz Inness is a physical therapist with extensive experience in the area of neurorehabilitation and Lead of the Mobility Innovations Centre at Toronto Rehab – UHN. The Centre partners clinicians and researchers to promote sharing of knowledge and to provide a platform to collaboratively test, adapt and develop innovative practices within the context of real practice settings. A priority area of focus for the Centre has been to develop clinical tools and feasible models of care to promote exercise and physical activity along the continuum of stroke and brain injury recovery.

Avril Mansfield

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Susan Marzolini, R.Kin, PhD

Susan Marzolini, R.Kin, PhD

Susan has a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and a PhD in Medical Science from the University of Toronto. Over the last 25 years, Susan has designed and developed the resistance training programs at Toronto Rehab/UHN for people following stroke, coronary artery disease, diabetes, heart transplant, heart failure, and breast cancer. Her research focus over the last 6 years has been to examine the effects of aerobic and resistance training in people following stroke.

William McIlroy, PhD (Neuroscience)

William McIlroy, PhD

Currently William is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo as well as Senior Scientist at Sunnybrook Research Institute. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from University of Guelph. As director of the Neuroscience, Mobility and Balance Lab (NiMBaL), his research focuses on: 1) advancing understanding of how the brain and other parts of the central nervous system control movements of the body, and 2) translating knowledge to help individuals improve their recovery after a neurological injury (such as a stroke) and to minimize age-related effects on the control of mobility. His team also works to develop new assessment tools using wearable sensor technologies.

Christina Prevett, MScPT, CSCS, PhD (c)

Christina graduated from McMaster University with her Masters in Physiotherapy in 2013 and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She is currently completing her PhD at McMaster University in Rehabilitation Sciences with Dr. Ada Tang on the use of strength training for healthy aging. Christina is the co-owner of STAVE OFF Physiotherapy and Exercise facility that aims to deliver exercise programs to persons of varied ages and medical backgrounds. She is on faculty and teaches online as well as live continuing education courses on Modern Management of the Older Adult through the Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Kerseri Scane, R.Kin., MSc.

Kerseri Scane is a registered Kinesiologist and has a Masters in Rehabilitation Science. She has worked directly with patients and their families who are recovering from heart disease to provide care and support them in self-managing their health. She also works with health professionals to support them in building their capacity to partner with patients and families through motivational interviewing skills, health literacy and adult learning. Kerseri now provides leadership within the Patient Engagement portfolio at UHN, focusing on learning from patients and families and their experiences by engaging them in organizational planning and decision making. She is passionate and committed to ensuring our healthcare system is moving towards one that embraces meaningful partnerships with patients.

Ada Tang PT, PhD

Ada Tang is a physical therapist and Associate Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University. She has extensive clinical experience in neurorehabilitation, which she carries into her research program that is focused on exercise and cardiovascular health in people living with stroke.

Janelle Unger, PT, PhD(c)

Janelle Unger is a physiotherapist completing her PhD at the University of Toronto in Rehabilitation Sciences and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network. She is interested in the development of novel methods for improving outcomes for people with spinal cord injuries. Her current work is studying the effects of a newly developed training program to improve reactive balance in this population.

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