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Click on the icons next to the E-Posters below to watch a short video presentation or leave a question for the presenter.

# Video Comments Title Author(s)
1 Mapping Resistance to Institutional Space: Insights from Senior Center Users Experiencing Homelessness Ian Johnson
2 No Place Like Home(Share): A Housing Innovation to Support 'Thriving in Place' Taylor Hocking, Jaclyn Tanner, Christopher Klinger, Raza Mirza, Jessica Hsieh, Anna Liu
3 'I don't feel alone anymore': Intergenerational Co-Housing in Hamilton, Ontario Stephanie Hatzifilalithis, Amanda Grenier
4 Access to Community Support Services among Older Adults in Social Housing Claire Semple, Matthew Yau, Candy Lee, Christine Sheppard, Jocelyn Charles, Andrea Austen, Sander L. Hitzig
5 Senior Housing Transitions through the Lens of Medical Records Yasir Mehmood, Tam Perry, Janelle Taylor
6 Government-Funded Affordable Housing Models for Older Adults: a Scoping Review Matthew Yau, Carol Kwon, Jorge Rios, Christine Sheppard, Andrea Austen, Sander L. Hitzig
7 The Rising Problem of Homelessness in Later Life: Exploring Housing, Health and Social Service Provision for Older Adults Facing Homelessness in Toronto. Layana Kirubainathan, Tiffany Igros, Amie Tsang, Emily Nalder, Rona Macdonald, Lubomyra Senkiw
8 Dementia in Subsidized Housing: A Scoping Review Helen Lam, Theodora Ching-fong Li, Kelly Fleming, Nisha Mendonca, Jeff Lee
9 Enhancing Eviction Prevention Supports for Low-Income Seniors Christine Sheppard, Sarah Gould, Brenda Roche, Seong-Gee Um, Andrea Austen, Sander L. Hitzig
10 Examining Seniors Housing - An International Scan of Housing Models to Support Older Adults Christine Sheppard, Glenn Miller, Ariana Holt, Andrea Austen, Sander L. Hitzig

Event Dates

May 11th & 12th, 2021


11:30 am - Arrival and Orientation
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Sessions

All times listed are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

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