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Registration Fees Registration Instructions Program and Agenda Hotel and Travel Payment Information Changes and Cancellations Contacts and FAQ

The ​registration ​form ​will ​time ​out ​after 25 ​minutes ​of ​inactivity. ​We ​recommend ​you ​review ​the ​session ​descriptions here,​prior ​to ​commencing ​registration. You ​may ​return ​at ​any ​time ​to ​choose/edit ​your ​session ​selections, ​after ​registration ​is ​completed, ​by ​clicking ​the ​link ​in ​the ​confirmation ​email.

If you are registering multiple people and would like all registrations on a single invoice or payment, you can process them as a group. A complete registration form is required for each person - you may add additional people to the group prior to the payment page, using ​the ​'register another' ​button on the summary page for each registrant. The first registrant entered will be the primary for the group and invoicing.
​For ​individual ​invoices ​or ​receipts, ​please ​register ​each ​person ​separately.

Fireside Chat (members only)
Fireside Chat tickets can be added to any registration, on the Session Selection page.
If you wish to attend the Fireside Chat but will not be attending the rest of the conference, you may do so by choosing the 'Fireside Chat Only' registration selection on the first page.
If you are already registered and wish to add tickets to the existing registration:

  • Click on the ‘modify existing registration’ button below. You will need the email address on the registration and the registration confirmation number listed on the confirmation email.
  • Click through to the Session Selection page (please do not change your registration selection on the first page) and scroll down to the Fireside Chat ticket option to select the desired number of tickets.
  • Continue to the Payment page to complete the transaction. Once complete you will receive a new copy of the confirmation email (with invoice/receipt attached).

If you require the confirmation email to be resent or require assistance updating your registration, contact or call 1-888-245-4634.

Modify Existing Registration

AFHTO 2023 Conference

October 25, 2023
Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto ON
1-888-245-4634 (Canada and US)
Conference Website