The Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association National Trade Show is quickly becoming Canada’s SHOT Show. This event features Canada’s leading distributors showcasing the top firearms, ammunition, archery, apparel and accessory brands for the shooting sports retailer. With Canadian product availability and pricing!

In order to ensure the CSAAA trade show is accessible to retailers across the country, CSAAA 2019 will be held in Ottawa, February 10-11 in Ottawa, Ontario and February 17-18 in Calgary, Alberta. Click on the links on this page for more details.

In order to exhibit at or at or attend the CSAAA Trade Show, you must be a current member.  Before registering to exhibit or attend, you must first renew your membership for 2019 by clicking on the membership button.  Once you have renewed your membership, you may return to register to exhibit at or attend the Trade Show.  Once your membership is completed, your company name will appear in the drop down list on the Trade Show Registration form.

Once you have registered for the Trade Show, you can return anytime to edit your registration using the "Returning Registrant" button and the code you received via email when you completed your registration.

Retailers who register to attend the Trade Show will not be charged.  Exhibitors can book and pay for your booth space online.  

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Chick at 1-416-617-0626 or email linda@csaaa.org.

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