Time Management for Lawyers: Work Smarter, Not Harder

with Cami McLaren

Thursday, April 4, 2019

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Who Should Attend

This program will benefit all lawyers who want to learn how to manage their time in a way that feels better and produces the results they want.

About the Program

How many times have you reached the end of your workday and asked yourself "What did I accomplish today?" Most lawyers feel ineffective and out of balance more often than we want to admit. We think if we just work harder, things will fall into place. But working harder isn’t the solution. We need to change the way we approach time management. This new, 90 minute webinar with lawyer and certified performance coach Cami McLaren will introduce you to a different and more effective way of viewing time and time management, and offer specific changes you can implement right away to improve the way you use your time, decrease your stress, and increase your productivity. From understanding what is and is not currently working for you, to learning how to schedule your time and use to-do lists more effectively, Cami will teach you how to be more intentional in managing your time, your tasks and your energy. By the end of the program you’ll have a new paradigm for how to view time and its management and have new tools to improve your time management skills. You’ll also have a greater understanding of how different lawyers struggle with time management and proven methods to change those struggles to success. Every attendee will receive a workbook with valuable reference materials to help you apply the tools learned in your daily life and practice.

Meet Your Presenter

Cami McLarenCami McLaren is a certified performance coach and founder of McLaren Coaching (CA). A practicing lawyer for 16 years before she started coaching, Cami is passionate about assisting other lawyers to create lives that are productive, balanced and fulfilling. She believes that practicing law does not have to be “hard” and small changes can make big differences. Cami works with individual lawyers and law firms to assist them in discovering their own resources, brainstorming and developing their own answers, and empowering themselves to create and attain what they want. A frequent presenter for law firms, bar associations and CPD providers, she offers workshops and training on topics such as communication, trust, accountability and time management. She also regularly writes on law practice-related topics, including for the California legal magazine, Plaintiff, and for The California Lawyer. Her book, Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, was published by the American Bar Association in January 2014.

Program Schedule (Eastern)

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Welcome and Introduction

Presence and Focus

Self-assessment and Awareness

Time Management Matrix

Big Rocks and Small Rocks

Specific Tools

  • Calendar
  • “Chunk it down”

The "To Do" List

  • Do the worst first
  • Different techniques to suit your personality

Conclusion & Activity Log

Program Wrap-up and Evaluation

Praise for Cami McLaren

"Exactly what I needed to help me make some firm decisions about managing my time more effectively."

"Cami’s program changed the way that I work. I learned to block my time, schedule time to read emails, and I now have more time to get my work done."

"I left this presentation with a renewed energy to focus on my tasks at hand and be more efficient. Even better, I had some tools to implement to get me there and the ability to self-assess how good or bad my time management really is."

"Appreciated that Cami presented the research behind her methods. I left knowing I could improve."

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Register 3+ attendees and save up to 25%. See our group discounts here. Contact jennifer@seminarpartners.ca.

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