Five Simple Rules for Better Legal Writing

with Ryan Standil

Thursday, November 1, 2018

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Who Should Attend

This program will benefit all lawyers who want to strengthen their legal writing, and build better relationships with readers.

About the Program

Want to give yourself a competitive advantage in law? Pay more attention to the quality of your writing. Studies show that readers – including legal readers – strongly prefer clear, efficient, accurate prose. They find it easier and faster to read and understand, and they are more likely to start and finish reading what you write. Understanding that your goal is comprehension - not perfection - removes a lot of the barriers to building your skill as a writer. In this convenient, 90-minute webinar, lawyer and writing instructor Ryan Standil offers you a new focus for improving what is a significant component of your daily work. Ryan will examine five writing issues that create misunderstandings between writers and readers, and offer an easy to follow checklist for achieving a clearer, more understandable style. You’ll learn how to produce writing that sufficiently makes your point, in less time, and you’ll enjoy writing more. With use of Ryan’s five rules of thumb, many other hallmarks of good writing will follow naturally. Every day you get dozens of opportunities to build and improve your relationships with readers – through memos, letters, emails, court documents and more. With a little extra care, and a few insider tips, you can leverage these opportunities to become a more considerate writer and a better lawyer. Don’t miss this chance to refocus your writing with five simple rules you can use for the rest of your career.

Meet Your Presenter

Ryan StandilRyan Standil is the Founder and President of Write To Excite, an organization that teaches effective legal and business writing. The company’s motto is “helping good writers become great writers”. Ryan’s seminars focus on the difference in technical knowledge between professionals and their clients, and ways in which lawyers, accountants and other professionals can write about sophisticated concepts so they are easy to read and understand. Ryan brings a unique perspective to legal and business writing, having worked in the corporate law department of a well-known Toronto law firm, and in the proposal-writing department of a Canadian financial services and investment firm. A graduate of Ivey Business School and the Faculty of Law at Western University, his programs offer a series of steps to improve clarity, conciseness and readability in all types of documents. Ryan is a regular lecturer for legal audiences, including national and local law firms, provincial law societies and top-rated law schools.

Program Schedule (Eastern)

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Welcome and Opening Remarks


  • Comparing good writing to great writing
  • Bridging the lawyer-client communication gap
  • The science behind technical writing

Five Writing Issues and How to Fix Them

  • Sentences with multiple interpretations
  • Synonymous legal terms
  • Misplaced modifiers and ambiguous pronouns
  • Jargon – when to use it and when to avoid it
  • The most confusing word in the dictionary (we write this word many times a day!)

Program Wrap-up and Evaluation

Praise for Ryan Standil:

"Great seminar. It is difficult to find a CLE that is entirely original and yet fundamental to practice. This seminar is both."

"By attending this seminar I became much better at putting myself in the shoes of my clients."

"The content in this CLE is directly relevant to what I encounter every day. The five items on Ryan’s “checklist” are seamless to apply and will give any lawyer a leg up."

"Ryan did not waste time. He cut right to practical examples, omitting anything theoretical."

"Ryan is an engaging speaker. He will hold your attention from beginning to end."

"An excellent use of 90 minutes. Every part of the seminar has day-to-day applicability."

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