Larry Feldman, DC


The Performance Health Centre


Dr. Feldman is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) and is the founder and co-owner of The Performance Health Centre. Since graduating in 1999, he has been actively involved in private practice and has worked as medical director for a rehabilitation clinic. He is also a musician and a guitar instructor who has performed regularly at a professional level. Because of his musical background, he has naturally taken a special interest in the injuries that affect musicians. Through research and experience, he has gained insight into the particular problems that affect musicians and has developed successful and effective treatment protocols. Dr. Feldman possesses expertise in the rehabilitation of injuries caused from motor vehicle accidents, having worked extensively in the field. In addition, he is extremely skilled at gait analysis as well as casting and creating custom orthotics to correct problems with gait. Whether you are a musician, an artist or simply a performer in life, Dr. Feldman will help you perform at your best.