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Program and Agenda

Health System Integration Built On The Foundation Of Team-Based Primary Health Care

Change can come fast and furious, and Ontario’s healthcare system is no exception. With legislation introduced in February, ‘upheaval’ could be considered an understatement. But the fundamentals remain- no matter the structure surrounding them, patients need care. And primary health care teams need to position themselves to provide this care in the best way possible.


‘Integration’ may be the word of the day, but primary care teams already embody it. At AFHTO’s 2019 Conference over 800 primary care providers, interprofessional health care providers, patients and community partners will explore how comprehensive care creates the patient medical home.

Evidence shows this home is the best foundation for a high-performing health system, so together we’ll tackle how teams can provide truly patient-centred care and value for all Ontarians.

Conference Highlights: 

  • AFHTO "Bright Light" Awards Ceremony – Awards will be presented at lunchtime on September 19, 2019 for a celebration recognising the outstanding patient-centred care interprofessional primary care teams across Ontario deliver. Select awards receive education grants. Nominations open until June 28!
  • Keynote Plenary Speakers:
    • Dr. Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist with SE Health
    • Dr. Rueben Devlin, Special Advisor and Chair of the Premier's Council on Improving Health Care and Ending Hallway Medicine
  • Over 40 concurrent sessions and up to 72 posters in 6 core streams from diverse organisations, highlighting best practices and innovations in primary health care.
  • EMR Sessions where you can join fellow users and vendors in hearing about progress on user priorities identified in advance via the AFHTO Community of Practice for each vendor. Whether you’re already a CoP member, want to join one, or are simply looking for an opportunity to network and learn, you’re welcome to attend!
  • Programs available exclusively to AFHTO members:
    • Leadership Triad SessionLeadership workshop for board members, board chairs, EDs and Lead MDs/NPs of AFHTO member organizations
    • IHP Profession-Based Networking Sessions
    • Collaborative Governance: Moving at the Speed of Trust

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Concurrent Sessions

The AFHTO 2019 Conference program will be built around 6 core themes:

  • Access to care: improving access to team-based care
  • Continuous care: ensuring seamless transitions for patients across the continuum of care
  • Comprehensive team-based care
  • Patient and family-centred care
  • Community and social accountability
  • Enabling high -performing primary health care

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Is this an education accredited conference?

Accreditation will be sought for this program. Further details will be announced closer to the conference.

AFHTO 2019 Conference

September 19-20, 2019
Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

Accreditation ​will ​be ​sought ​for ​this ​program. ​Further ​details ​will ​be ​announced ​closer ​to ​the ​conference.
1-888-245-4634 (Canada and US)
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